New! The budget advisor

You have a budget and would like to know quickly and easily whether the mug fits into your budget along with the finishing?

From now on, we will show you centrally on the mug pages, mugs with different finishes and the respective target price *. With these indicative prices, the budget consultant will give you an idea of how the appropriate mug for your budget could look like.

It may be more? Simply choose the next price level.

This makes it even easier to promote beautiful porcelain and to convince customers to the brand or message in the long term.

* The target price is a provisional price for products whose pricing is still uncertain.

Example of the budget advisor for our new mug “Alexandria”:


Finishing Examples from 1.000 pcs.


Nicely finished, fast delivery and low in price. It is surprising how refined porcelain from the manufactory and Made in Germany * wins in comparison with other advertising materials and in the long term transports the brand message on every desk.
* Available on many products

up to 3,50 €

From the mid-price segment, convincingly advertise exclusively designed and high-quality porcelain. Beautiful design in different positions, personalized or combinations of finishing technologies.

up to 8 €

For customers with a special claim and exquisite taste. The combination of optical and haptic finishing technologies at the highest level is convincing. Indulge in the sophistication and variety. This is how you create dreams that come true and fascinate with unique products.

from 8 €