Direct Print

  • Low price, high quality
  • Short delivery times
  • Scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe in accordance with DIN 12875
  • Printing with to Pantone® or HKSTM
  • Full or partial finishing at an attractive price


Additional informations:

  • Designs with 1-3 colors are possible
  • The printed colors need to be approximately 2 mm apart from each other for the best result
  • Motifs and designs will need to be tested
  • not on all mug shapes possible shapes possible
  • print area is limited

Minimum quantity: from 100 pieces

Delivery time:

approval sample 10-14 days*

order 4-5 weeks**


*   For prints of a maximum of 1c to 3c.

** Exemplary delivery time for order quantity of up to 500 pieces. The delivery dates for larger quantities may differ.