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Metallic mirror finish

  • Technically speaking, Nano Shine is not a spraying process, but a vaporization process. Under vacuum, a thin layer of titanium is deposited on the porcelain. It creates remarkable metallic reflections.

  • You can choose between seven colours: bronze, rainbow, gold, silver, mother-of-pearl, blue and violet. They are all firmly defined and may show slight fluctuations within a production run.

  • This finish can be applied on the outer and inner surface of the porcelain – even in two different colours.

  • You can achieve particularly beautiful results if you place an effect pigment print or a relief under the Nano Shine or have it additionally engraved.

  • Nano Shine has been successfully tested for 250 rinse cycles and is scratch-resistant. Nano Shine must not be heated in the microwave.

  • Titanium is also used in dentistry and serves no health risks.

  • Only applied to high-quality DE or EU goods.

  • Minimum quantity: 250 pieces
  • Delivery times: Press proof 14 days, print run 4-5 weeks

You can combine Nano Shine with the following processes


With Nano Shine outside:

  • Relief White
  • Effect Pigment Print

With Nano Shine inside:

  • Transfer Print
  • Relief White
  • Relief White & Colour
  • Colour & Relief Transparent
  • Matte & Gloss Print
  • Hydro Lacquer Glossy & Print
  • Gastro Print
  • Precious Metal Print
  • Effect Pigment Print
  • Printing & Engraving


  • Engraving White
  • Printing & Engraving
  • Engraving & Spraying


With Nano Shine outside:

  • Nano Shine inside
  • Gastro Spraying inside
  • Engraving & Spraying

With Nano Shine inside:

  • Hydro Lacquer Glossy
  • Hydro Lacquer Matte
  • Hydro Lacquer Glossy & Print
  • Softtouch
  • Nano Shine outside
  • Gastro Spraying outside
  • Engraving & Spraying


  • The Icing on the Cake
    With Nano Shine outside: Inside Decor, Inside Bottom Decor, Outside Bottom Mark
    With Nano Shine inside: Handle Decor, Outside Bottom Mark

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