Secure your budget for 2019!

Most companies work with it: budgets. They give employees the freedom to manage the expenditure by their own. Always in November, the budget discussions begin for next year. And everybody wants to have a big piece of the cake again.

If budgets are left this year, it will be difficult to argue why next year’s budget needs to be the same or even higher. Now it’s time to invest cleverly in sensible projects or new, attractive products. Do not “waste” your valuable budget, but use it to gain new customers and strengthen your brand and corporate image.

The perfect and smart investment!

Invest in promotional gifts for the year 2019 and surprise the recipient in January with a personalized mug.

Does the catering equipment in the conference room or the canteen no longer look attractive and should been exchanged for some time now? Our exclusive selection of table sets will certainly provide the best product for you. With the finishing GastroTech, your table set survive the daily struggle in the kitchen, because it is very tough, industrial dishwasher safe and 100% scratch-resistant and thus your logo and your brand message still shine in the long term.

Are your customers planning a big trip in 2019? With the exclusive money banks, your customers can already put a little money aside.

With our varied selection of finishing technologies, you set individual accents and create a unique, high-quality porcelain product that represents your logo or your brand message which picked up several times a day.