Sustainability is trump!

„One coffee to go, please“. Every day and every morning thousands of paper cups get thrown in the trash can. Stop it now! Set a mark and show how individual and chic sustainability is. The recyclable Coffee2Go cups from high-quality porcelain by SND not only save resources, but are also your ideal advertising medium for your brand message or logo. That’s how easy sustainability is, with which your customers can already save money in many coffee shops today.

Your benefits at a glance:
–    Durable, high quality porcelain
–    Optional durable plastic lid in many different colors
–    Optional anti-allergenic and heat-protective silicone band in a wide variety of colors
–    Constant presence of your brand message or logo
–    Sustainable and environmentally friendly
–    Garbage prevention
–    Cost-saving for the recipient

Create long-lasting and permanent brand presence

Create your sustainable give-away with the color-coordinated banderole and the optimal plastic lid, which shows responsibility for the environment.

1. Choose a Coffee2Go mug with a capacity of 230 – 380ml.

2. Choose a finishing out of our portfolio.

3. Choose plastic cover from the standard colors or order from 500 pieces in your desired Pantone color.

4. Choose silicone band from the standard colors or already available from 1.000 pieces in your desired color.

5. Send your logo and brand message to us.