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To give you a first impression of us, we would like to introduce our company:


Get to know us – what we do and how we think

Let’s turn white porcelain into YOUR porcelain! How? Handcrafted in our manufacture in Germany. Sounds exhausting, but don’t worry. We have your back, and we know exactly what we’re doing. 

Behind each mug, there’s not only state-of-the-art technology. There’s also decades of practice, learning and experience. We always pursued enhancing us, our skill set, and our production site, to be able to offer more. More skill, more finesse, more possibilities. 

The best way to return the favour of your trust, is to show up for you with our best performance. 

Our commitment to quality starts at customer service. We’re there for you – always up close, personal and determined to find the best solution for each of your wishes. This is where manufacturing starts for us – in the hands of our experienced and creative customer consultants and designers. 

Finishing your advertising mug in our state-of-the-art facilities is a masterpiece. Every single detail is important. Each mug is finished manually, for them to be perfectly prepared to do what they’re supposed to: shine, literally and metaphorically. To stay in your customers’ cupboards – and brains. 

Try us and prepare to be impressed.

Porcelain that creates contacts

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For further information please get in touch with us.
We are looking forward to putting your ideas into effect:

Key Account Manager Sales Field Service +49 (0)1 51/64 66 93 70

Markus Freisberg

Key Account Manager
Sales Field Service

+49 (0)1 51/64 66 93 70
Head of Internal Sales +49 (0)61 83/80 08-12

Denise Papsdorf

Head of Internal Sales

+49 (0)61 83/80 08-12

Our Locations:


  • Headquarter of management
  • Sales office with 8 employees


  • Manufacture with 44 employees for
    . graphic and prepress
    . print shop
    . decoration
    . production
    . paint shop
    . shipping
  • On the famous Thuringian Porcelain Route
  • Traditionally and regionally specific expertise
  • Highly qualified and very reliable professionals
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SND PorzellanManufaktur GmbH
Hainstraße 60
D – 63526 Erlensee
Phone: +49 (0) 61 83/80 08-0


SND PorzellanManufaktur is your reliable partner for promotional porcelain, finished in Germany. With us there is a little bit more of everything: Quality, individuality, service, sustainability, technology and craftsmanship in perfection.