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Makes customized porcelain particularly robust

  • Gastro Print makes customized porcelain suitable for the demanding everyday use in the catering trade.
  • For Gastro Print, we use inorganic inks that can withstand the firing temperature of 1,200 °C required here. At this extremely high temperature, the transparent glaze of the porcelain becomes liquid, the colour pigments sink into it and – as the glaze cools and hardens – are firmly enclosed and protected. The printed porcelain is 100% scratch-resistant and suitable for industrial dishwashers.
  • Gastro Print is a form of transfer printing, giving you almost the same design options.
  • Due to the high firing temperature, asian-imported goods cannot be used for Gastro Print. It also causes some restrictions in your choice of colour. We will be happy to advise you on your options.
  • Minimum quantity: 250 pieces
  • Delivery times: Press proof approx. 14 days, print run 4-5 weeks

If you combine Gastro Print with the following processes, the porcelain remains suitable for gastronomy


  • Printing & Engraving


  • Printing & Engraving
  • Engraving & Spraying


  • Gastro Spraying (only inside)


  • Personalization
  • The Icing on the Cake

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