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Brilliant, inexpensive and super fast

  • Sublimation is particularly suitable for photo motifs. It creates the very best results for this option. The end product is produced within a short time and very reasonably priced.
  • The motif is printed onto a backing paper with a special ink, positioned on the mug and pressed under heat using a transfer press. The dyes evaporate into the surface of the mug and combine.
  • To make this possible, only a very special, plastic-layered mug is used in this process. It is made of ceramic and has a similar shape to our Berlin L mug.
  • Sublimation also enables personalization with individual motifs – for example, with a person’s picture and name.
  • Our other procedures cannot be combined with sublimation.
  • A certain amount of blurring is possible with fonts and logos.
  • The finished mug has limited scratch resistance, is not lightfast and is dishwasher-safe for up to 250 washes.
  • Minimum quantity: 72 pieces
  • Delivery times: Press proof 5 days, print run 2 weeks

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