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Get to know us – what we do and how we think.

How exactly does white porcelain actually become YOUR porcelain?
The answer is simple: handmade. What is not simple, however, is the manual labor itself. Each cup is perfectionized through decades of practice, learning and accumulated experience. We have always been constantly developing ourselves and our capabilities, always driven by the ambition to offer you more. More skill, more finesse, more possibilities.

“Just a colorful cup” is not enough. We are a part of representing companies. We return the favour of the trust that is invested in us, and the responsibility that is given to us, with the best result.

Our commitment to you starts upon first contact. Our customer service is there for you – always close, personal and with a creative heart and soul. We have made it our business to find the best solution for every wish. This is why our manufacture already begins here – at the hands of our consultants and designers, who are experienced and skilled to implement your ideas.

The finishing of your advertising medium is a masterpiece. Attention is paid to every little detail. Each mug passes through our hands so many times that in the end, it is perfectly prepared to do just that: to be in the hands of your customers, to impress them, to stay in their hands and in their minds.

Try it. And get ready to be thrilled by

Porcelain that creates connections.

Manufaktur T1b



  • Registered office of our management
  • Our sales office with 8 employees


  • Headquarters of our production with 44 employees
    .  Graphic and prepress
    .  Print shop
    .  Decoration
    .  Production
    .  Paint shop
    .  Shipping
  • On the famous Thuringian Porcelain Route
    .  Traditionally and regionally specific expertise
    .  Highly qualified and reliable professionals
Manufaktur T2 b