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An extraordinary sensation

  • When you choose Softtouch, you get a powdery-matte, silky surface on your porcelain. Not only does it look particularly beautiful, it also feels particularly beautiful.
  • The transparent additional coating is applied to the outside of the porcelain over the entire surface as the final step in production. You might call it the crowning touch.
  • As Softtouch is an open surface finish, discolouration can be caused by things like coffee, tea, or lipstick. The discolouration will remain even when rinsed.
  • The delicately finished porcelain has limited scratch resistance and is dishwasher-safe for up to 250 washes.
  • Minimum quantity: 100 pieces
  • Delivery times: Press proof 10-14 days, print run 5-7 weeks

With Softtouch, you can use the following processes and achieve additional effects


  • Transfer Print
  • Hydro Lacquer Glossy & Print
  • Effect Pigment Print
  • Printing & Engraving


  • Engraving White
  • Printing & Engraving
  • Engraving & Spraying


  • Hydro Lacquer Glossy
  • Hydro Lacqer Glossy & Print
  • Nano Gloss (only inside)
  • Gastro Spraying (only inside)
  • Engraving & Spraying


  • Personalization
  • The Icing on the Cake

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