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Brilliant appearance with real precious metals

  • Our Precious Metal Print is in fact made of real precious metals, making the print exclusively glamourous. This allows you to present your message in a very elegant way, and to leave a strong impression of reliability.
  • You can choose between gold and platinum.
  • At a firing temperature of 840 °C, the precious metals bond with the porcelain. Although the finished model is scratch-resistant, it is only dishwasher-safe for up to 200 cycles. Precious Metal printed mugs must not be heated in a microwave.
  • We calculate the cost of the Precious Metal Print from the metals’ current market value. Please send us your request.
  • Minimum quantity: 250 pieces
  • Delivery times: Press proof 14 days, print run 4-5 weeks

You can combine Precious Metal Print with the following processes


  • Transfer Print
  • Relief White
  • Relief White & Colour
  • Color & Relief Transparent
  • Matte & Gloss Print
  • Effect Pigment Print
  • Printing & Engraving


  • Printing & Engraving
  • Engraving & Spraying


  • Nano Shine (only inside)
  • Gastro Spraying (not longer suitable for gastronomy with Precious Metal Print)
  • Engraving & Spraying


  • Personalization
  • The Icing on the Cake

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