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Mugs with a writable surface? Sure!

  • A Pantone®, HKS™ or RAL motif is printed on a mug and overprinted with a matte finish in certain areas.
  • It can now be written on with chalk or pencil.
  • This customization can be used for brain games – add a round of games, fun and relaxation to a coffee break or a lengthy phone call. You can also use this effect for a blackboard- or memo mug. The variety of possibilities is large.
  • Even though the writable mugs are fired at 840 °C, we recommend manual rinsing so that you can enjoy them for a long time. The matte finish makes the print vulnerable and can cause discolouration when rinsed in the machine – for example due to residues of tomato sauce.
  • The matting may cause a change in some colours. This makes a press proof absolutely essential.
  • Minimum quantity: 100 pieces
  • Delivery times: Press proof 7-10 days, print run 4-5 weeks

You can combine the indivdualization Writable with the following methods


  • Transfer Print
  • Relief White & Colour
  • Colour & Relief Transparent
  • Precious Metal Print
  • Effect Pigment Print
  • Printing & Engraving


  • Printing & Engraving


  • Nano Shine (only inside)
  • Gastro Spraying (only inside)


  • Personalization
  • The Icing on the Cake

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